Ceylon is first and foremost an open source community project.

User mailing list

If you have questions or suggestions, you're welcome to discuss them in our Google user group.

Development mailing list

You can follow and participate in the development of Ceylon by joining our Google development group.


You can also chat live with us on our Gitter channel


You can get in touch with our community directly through our IRC channel on FreeNode called #ceylonlang (if you don't have an IRC client installed you can try either of the two previous links).

Feedback requests

We're using github's issue tracker to solicit feedback from the community on a number of open language design issues.


Come hear about Ceylon at a conference or user group near you.


Ceylon even has a Google+ page.


Ceylon has a subreddit, /r/ceylon.


We're compiling a list of offsite articles about Ceylon.


You can watch a Ceylon presentation online, and download slides.

Desktop wallpaper

Finally, everyone needs an elephant on their desktop.