Welcome to ceylon-lang.org!

Today, we're proud to announce a dedicated Ceylon community, ceylon-lang.org. Simultaneously, we're opening up access to our git repositories and even providing a special pre-release build of the Ceylon IDE, only for the truly adventurous.

We're not yet quite ready to release Milestone 1, due to a number of unsolved bugs and integration issues. But we're working really hard to get these sorted out!

I'm taking this opportunity to thank Red Hat's James Cobb for the web design, Emmanuel Bernard for setting up the infrastructure behind this site, and Tom Bentley for helping with much of the content. And, while I'm mentioning people's names, I would also like to thank new hires Stef Épardaud and Tako Schotanus for all the work they did getting the compiler up and running as volunteer contributors before coming on board, and David Festal from SERLI for making the IDE happen.

If you're interested in contributing to Ceylon, now is a really great time to get involved!