At devoxx 2012? Come write Ceylon code for real, challenge yourself!

Feel like learning Ceylon but you don´t know how to get started? You want to start contributing to Ceylon?

Don´t worry, we´ve got you covered. Gavin, Emmanuel and I will be at Devoxx Belgium 2012 for two important gigs.

Hands-On Lab on Monday 12th of November

This is the best place to feel what Ceylon is like.

On Monday 12th of November we are holding a Hands-On Lab where you will write your first Ceylon programs with a series of guided exercises. Come with your laptop, we will help you install the Ceylon IDE. This should be interesting, after all: the language authors and implementers will be there to answer your every question.

HackerGarten on Tuesday 13th of November

This is the best place to start contributing.

On Tuesday 13th of November we will be holding a full-day HackerGarten with the rest of the JBoss team. Here we will not only help you get started with coding in Ceylon but also help you get started with contributing to the Ceylon project, and its many sub-projects.

If you want to contribute but don´t know how to get started, Gavin, Emmanuel and I will be there to guide you. And contrary to popular belief, none of us have bitten anyone in the last... four months at least! Come with your laptop, that would not be fun otherwise.

Some planning required

Make sure to register for the University part of Devoxx: there are still tickets left. Also remember to bring your laptop for both those occasions.

Install JDK 7. We´ll provide everything else required via WiFi or USB keys.