Write a blog entry

The site has a section about upcoming talks which is built based on the data in _data/events_.

Create a file yyyy-event-name.md under _data/events_ with the following metadata

title: 'Introducting Ceylon'
presentor: Gavin King
event: InfoQ Beijing
event_date: 10 April, 2011
event_url: http://www.qconbeijing.com/ShowNews.aspx?id=65
location: Beijing, China
effective_date: 20110410
Gavin will unveal a new JVM based programming language that he and his team 
have been working on for a while.

The syntax uses Markdown like everything on the website. effective_date is dictate the order envents are displayed and is in absolute data format yyyymmdd.

Note that unfortunately, the index page is not generated when an event entry is added. You need to rm -f _site/community/events and have awestruct -d running.