Add a team member to the list

Ceylon's website has a team member list.

Adding your bio and photo is simple. create a file under _data/team.

This file should contain your name, photo and level as metadata, and your biography blurb in the content.

name: John Doe
photo: /images/team/JohnDoe.jpg
level: 1000   
John Doe does not work on Ceylon.

He is however the representative of [...]

John works for ACME Corp.


Your photo must be square. A file of 200px by 200px would be best. Place your photo under /images/team.


In order to give proper credit I've introduced the notion of level. The lower the level, the most important you are (like in SPECTRE).

  • level 1: that's founder and fearless leader
  • level 10: that's active team member with heavy involvement ( and me of course ;) )
  • level 100: casual contributors
  • level 1000: retired contributors

Seeing the result

Once you are satisfied, erase the generated site and run the generation rm -fR _site/community/team ; awestruct -d. Check it out on the team page.