Propose or push a change

Now that you have fixed a typo, proposed a change, written a whole new page, how do you contribute it back?

The short answer is GitHub pull request.

If you don't have edit access

If you cannot push to the GitHub repository, the best way is to fork the repository at and send a pull request via GitHub. More information is available on the GitHub website.

Note that we love linear history and hate railroad style merges. Make sure to rebase your work off master before proposing a pull request.

If you have edit access

You can used two approaches:

  1. push to the git repo manually
  2. edit the page right on GitHub

The second solution is particularly useful to small on the fly edits. For example to edit this page, go to GitHub at and click on Edit this page on the right side. Make sure to add a proper comment (at the bottom of this page).

Unfortunately you cannot add new pages via the GitHub interface. so that's limited to minor changes.

When will I see my change online?

Within 30 seconds to a minute, you should see the change online after it is pushed to GitHub.