Note: information on this page refers to Ceylon 1.0, not to the current release.

<ceylon-run> Ant task


Note: In M5 the <ceylon> task was renamed <ceylon-run>.

Note: You must declare the tasks with a <typedef>.

To execute the top level method in version 1.1 of module residing in the build directory (repository):

<target name="execute" depends="ceylon-ant-taskdefs">
  <ceylon-run run="" 
    <rep url="build"/>


The <ceylon-run> ant task supports execution of Ceylon modules, top-level classes and top-level functions from a Ceylon repository using the Ant build tool. It provides similar features to the ceylon run command line tool.


Note: In addition to the parameters in the table below table, a nested <module>(s) is required.

Attribute Description Required
module The module (and, optionally, the version) to execute. Ex: ``, ``. Yes
run The top level class of function to run. If unspecified the run attribute of the module descriptor is used. No
src A source directory. Milestone 3 No, default is source
executable The filesystem location of the ceylon command line tool. If not specified it is searched in the directory indicated by the ceylon.home system property, or if that is not set the CEYLON_HOME environment variable. No

Nested elements


A reference to a <reposet> defined elsewhere in the ant build file.


A module repository containing the module and/or dependencies. Can be specified multiple times. Defaults to modules.

Attribute Description Required
url The URL of the module repository Yes

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