Welcome to Ceylon

This project is the work of a team of people who are fans of Java and of the Java ecosystem, of its practical orientation, of its culture of openness, of its developer community, of its roots in the world of business computing, and of its ongoing commitment to portability. However, we recognize that the language and class libraries, designed more than 15 years ago, are no longer the best foundation for a range of today's business computing problems. We further recognize that Java failed in one environment it was originally promoted for: the web browser.

The goal of this project is to make a clean break with the legacy Java SE platform, by improving upon the Java language and class libraries, and by providing a modular architecture for a new platform based upon the Java Virtual Machine. A further goal is to bridge the gap between the web client and server by supporting execution on JavaScript virtual machines.

Of course, we recognize that the ability to interoperate with existing Java code, thereby leveraging existing investment in the Java ecosystem, is a critical requirement of any successor to the Java platform.

Java is a simple language to learn and Java code is easy to read and understand. Java provides a level of typesafety that is appropriate for business computing and enables sophisticated tooling with features like refactoring support, code completion, and code navigation. Ceylon aims to retain the overall model of Java, while getting rid of some of Java's warts, and improving upon Java's facilities for creating abstractions and writing generic libraries and frameworks.

Ceylon has the following goals:

Unlike other alternative JVM languages, Ceylon aims to completely replace the legacy Java SE class libraries.

Therefore, the Ceylon SDK provides: