dynamic Interface Declarations

A dynamic interface is a declaration of a type for an object defined in a dynamically typed language. It allows interoperation between Ceylon and objects that were created outside Ceylon's type system (and which therefore lack any Ceylon type information).


Consider a browser's window object, we might declare a Window type for it like this:

dynamic Window {
    shared formal Document document;
    shared formal Location location;
    shared formal History history;
    shared formal void focus();
    shared formal void blur();
    shared formal void alert(String message = "");
    // ...


All the members of a dynamic interface must be formal and any satisfied interfaces must also be a dynamic interface.

Assignment of an untyped value to a value with a dynamic interface type is only allowed within a dynamic block:

Window window;
dynamic {
    // eval is javascripts eval, which has no Ceylon type information
    // and can only be used within a dynamic block
    window = eval("window");

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