ceylon config [--cwd=<dir>] [--file=<file>] [--local] [--system] [--user] [--verbose[=<flags>]] get [--] <key>
ceylon config [--cwd=<dir>] [--file=<file>] [--local] [--system] [--user] [--verbose[=<flags>]] keystore [--store-password[=<value>]] get-password [--] <alias>
ceylon config [--cwd=<dir>] [--file=<file>] [--local] [--system] [--user] [--verbose[=<flags>]] keystore [--store-password[=<value>]] set-password [--] <alias> [<password>]
ceylon config [--cwd=<dir>] [--file=<file>] [--local] [--system] [--user] [--verbose[=<flags>]] keystore [--store-password[=<value>]] unset-password [--] <alias>
ceylon config [--cwd=<dir>] [--file=<file>] [--local] [--system] [--user] [--verbose[=<flags>]] list
ceylon config [--cwd=<dir>] [--file=<file>] [--local] [--system] [--user] [--verbose[=<flags>]] remove [--] <key>
ceylon config [--cwd=<dir>] [--file=<file>] [--local] [--system] [--user] [--verbose[=<flags>]] remove-section [--] <name>
ceylon config [--cwd=<dir>] [--file=<file>] [--local] [--system] [--user] [--verbose[=<flags>]] rename-section [--] <old-name> <new-name>
ceylon config [--cwd=<dir>] [--file=<file>] [--local] [--system] [--user] [--verbose[=<flags>]] set [--] <key> <values...>


Can be used to list, update and remove settings in Ceylon's configuration files.

Setting names are of form <section>.<key>, for example, defaults.encoding.

The get subcommand

Get the value defined for <key> in the config file

The keystore get-password subcommand

Gets the password for <alias> in the keystore

The keystore set-password subcommand

Sets the password for <alias> in the keystore. The program will issue a password prompt if <password> is omitted.

The keystore unset-password subcommand

Unsets the password for <alias> in the keystore, removing the alias and its corresponding password.

The list subcommand

Lists configuration values

The remove subcommand

Removes the value of the <key> in the config file

The remove-section subcommand

Removes the named <section> from the config file

The rename-section subcommand

Renames the section <old-name> in the config file to <new-name>

The set subcommand

Set the value of the <key> to <values> in the config file



Specifies the current working directory for this tool. (default: the directory where the tool is run from)


The file to operate on.


Apply operation to the local configuration.


Apply operation to the system configuration.


Apply operation to the user configuration.

--verbose[=flags], -d

Produce verbose output. If no flags are given then be verbose about everything, otherwise just be verbose about the flags which are present. Allowed flags include: all, loader.

Options for keystore subcommand


The password for accessing the keystore


The following would list the settings active from within the current folder:

ceylon config list

This reads a named setting:

ceylon config get defaults.encoding

This writes a named setting:

ceylon config --file=.ceylon/config set defaults.encoding UTF-8