ceylon version [--confirm=<option>] [--cwd=<dir>] [--dependencies] [--encoding=<charset>] [--no-update-dependencies] [--set=<value>] [--source=<dirs>...] [--src=<dir>...] [--update-distribution] [--verbose[=<flags>]] [--] [<modules...>]


If --set is present then update the module versions, otherwise show the module versions.

If --dependencies is present then show the versions of module imports of the given module(s).

<modules> specifies the module names (excluding versions) of the modules to show or whose versions should be updated. If unspecified then all modules are shown/updated.

Note: Other modules may also be updated unless the --no-update-dependencies option is used, even if they're not listed in <modules>



Used with --set, determines which updates require confirmation.

  • --confirm=all requires confirmation on the console for each update performed.
  • --confirm=dependencies means that confirmation is only required when updating versions appearing in module imports; module versions are updated without confirmation.
  • --confirm=none prevents any confirmation.

(default: all).


Specifies the current working directory for this tool. (default: the directory where the tool is run from)


Display modules who depend on the given module. Only used when displaying modules, not when setting a new version.


Used with --set, sets the encoding used for reading and writing the module.ceylon files (default: platform-specific).


Do not update of the version in module imports of the target module(s) in other modules in the given --src directories. For example:

ceylon version --set 1.1 ceylon.collection

would update the version of ceylon.collection to 1.1 and update the module import version of all dependent modules in the given --src directories which depended on ceylon.collection even if those modules are not listed as `<modules>`.


ceylon version --set 1.1 --no-update-dependencies ceylon.collection

would just update the version of ceylon.collection to 1.1, leaving dependent modules depending on the old version.


The new version number to set.If unspecified then module versions are shown and not updated.


An alias for --src (default: ./source)


A directory containing Ceylon and/or Java source code (default: ./source)


Also set the version of any dependency to the Ceylon distribution modules

--verbose[=flags], -d

Produce verbose output. If no flags are given then be verbose about everything, otherwise just be verbose about the flags which are present. Allowed flags include: all, loader.


Listing the versions of all the modules in the ceylon SDK:

ceylon version

Listing the version of ceylon.collection, and modules that depend on it

ceylon version --dependencies ceylon.collection

Updating the version of ceylon.collection, and the modules that depend on it

ceylon version --set 1.0.1 ceylon.collection